Rebounding Basics With Tom Izzo

Izzo in Practice-2Tom Izzo, the basketball coach of the Michigan State Spartans, is one of the best teachers of the game.  Whether it’s listening to him speak at a clinic or watching one of the wonderful coaching videos produced by Championship Productions, I never fail to lean a new concept, term, or drill that can help my teams.  I appreciate that Coach Izzo isn’t afraid to share his knowledge or passion!

BASKETBALL – Hit, Find, & Get

It’s often been said that rebounding wins championships, but many coaches fall into the cycle of simply telling their players to “Box Out!” Click on Tom Izzo – Rebounding Drills to see how Izzo identifies a much more practical process for teaching rebounding – if nothing else, appreciate his coaching passion and entertaining language!  You can scream all you want about boxing out, but if you don’t teach your players to HIT their man, FIND the ball, and then go GET the ball, your team will not consistently win the rebounding wars.

Don’t get me wrong, teaching the fundamentals of boxing out with a reverse pivot, dropping your hips, and moving your feet is an essential teaching concept, but getting possession of the ball is the objective and not enough natural rebounders are released by their coaches to go get the ball.  Some of the best rebounders in the game are those who see the ball coming off the rim and then track it down like a heat-seeking missile.  Those are the rebounders that help you win championships!

LIFE – How can you rebound in your own life?

With all the challenges we have in life, breaking down the process as Izzo does with rebounding is a better approach than saying “Deal with it!”  It helps to use the same three words – Hit, Find, and Get.  Most people ignore, deny, or succumb to problems or use some personal defense mechanism.  That can seem like you’re “boxing out,” but you may never get the rebound!

Hit – admit, identify, and confront the issue.  Many times we don’t look at an issue closely enough.  It may be your habit to ignore an underlying issue that is the true cause, as in a student who is often late for class.  The underlying problem may be a lack of confidence or misidentified career goals.

Find – asking the right questions is essential to finding solutions.  John Miller‘s best-selling book QBQ!The Question Behind the Question explains that we can improve our ability to handle problems by making sure that we ask questions that help us take accountability and not blame other people or our circumstances.

Get – go make the solution happen!  You can think about it, analyze it, and explain it, but you’ll never overcome a problem if you don’t take action.

Life is a lot like rebounding.  You can’t just box-out.  You have to go get the ball!

FAITH – A relationship takes effort.

Many times in my faith, I go through the motions of “boxing-out.”  I try to do the right things by attending church, reading devotions, and living the Sunday church life, but if those are just habits, I’ll never grow closer to God.  If I include Him in all the challenges of life by listening to His voice and searching His word, I find that life and its challenges make more sense.  James reminds us (James 8:4):

Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners; purify your hearts, for your loyalty is divided between God and the world.

God has freely given His love to me through His grace and mercy, but if I want to grow closer to him, I have to do more than box-out.  I need to seek him and go get a deep, personal relationship with my Savior.

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