Prepare for March Madness 2014

As the madness of March descends upon us, here’s a great way to get yourself in the mood.  Take a trip back with me to last year’s tournament and review some of the life and faith lessons we considered on 3 Point Wisdom.  Check out these posts from last year’s tournament and see how much you remember or better yet, see what wisdom you can find!

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March Madness: Nightmare Match-Ups

How Creighton, Ole Miss, and UCLA Handled Their Nightmare Match-Ups

Attacking Pressure in the Opening Rounds of the Tournament

G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

Burke and the Wolverines Gain New Life in the Sweet Sixteen

Who Takes the Fall for a Loss in the NCAA Tournament?

The Personal Side of March Madness

Syracuse at the Final Four: Why is Zone a Bad Word


NA-BU283_LVILLE_G_20121228185619 2013 Louisville Cardinals Were Conditioned to      Win

So pull up a chair and let the Madness unfold!  Let’s see what we can learn about the game, about ourselves, and about faith in God.  We haven’t run out of examples yet!


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