Are NBA Teams Taking Home-Court Advantage for Granted?


Yes, the NBA is entertainment and it’s a business and yes, there’s plenty of room for skeptics to criticize and complain about the playoff process, which in most cases, gives the best team the best chance to win. Unlike the NCAA Tournament where anything can happen in any round, the NBA playoffs pretty much hold to form.  The better teams typically win over the course of seven game series. But this year?  What’s going on? Continue reading


NBA Rewind: Wisdom from the 2013 Playoffs

As this year’s NBA playoffs begin, we find several first round series have the potential to offer some great story lines and some unique lessons that can help each of us grow in daily wisdom – Wisdom like we find in listening to Greg Popovich who recently won the 2014 NBA Coach of the Year award:

Pop continues to show why he is truly one of the coaching greats, not just for his technical skills and ability to get the most out of his aging superstars, but also in how he communicates and how he relates to his players.  We’ll take a closer look as the Spurs battle through the playoffs and attempt to win the championship they so narrowly missed out on last year!

For now, let’s take a look back at some of the lessons we gleaned from the 2013 playoffs.  Knowledge is of use to all of us, but wisdom goes so much further when we are able to apply that knowledge to our lives.  Rarely does wisdom come in a lightening bolt strike from above, but more commonly wisdom comes from experiences and awareness of circumstances throughout our lives.  It comes through careful consideration of lessons learned and repeatedly revisiting our approach those lessons.  Consider these three of our most read articles from last year and reconsider the wisdom and how it applies to your life (Just click on the titles):

If You Want to Play Basketball Like the Splash Brothers You Need to Stop! – In order to grow, we often need to put an end to bad habits.


Going Through the Backdoor – As we deal with pressure in our lives, it’s helpful to have a plan of attack!


Hard Work on Display in the NBA Playoffs – Just as a lot of hard work that goes into a championship, we all need to do the hard work of forgiveness.





I urge you to take a closer look at those articles and as you join me in watching the playoffs, look for ways that God provides lessons in faith and life through situations that play out on the court, in the locker room, and in media conferences.  And if you’re in a post NCAA fog, get you basketball hype on with a look at some of the great plays from this year in the NBA!

Enjoy the playoffs and keeping growing in wisdom!

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Doc Rivers Shows Chris Paul the Point is to Serve

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

As the L.A. Clippers embark on their playoff journey with the NBA’s most intriguing opening round match-up with Golden State, head coach Doc Rivers’s mentoring of superstar Chris Paul will take center stage.  I’m anxious to get caught up with the progress Rivers has made. Continue reading