Trustworthy Basketball Players

Since my One Word for this year is TRUST, let’s consider another side of trust in basketball.  While coaches have the responsibility to build an atmosphere of trust, successful players will take ownership for their own part of the trust equation.  And for many of us in our own lives, taking personal responsibility for being trustworthy is often a key to happiness.  Basketball is no different.  Let’s face it, most players feel their coach trusts them through two words, “playing time,” and most players feel their teammates trust them if they do one thing – pass them the ball.  Is it really that simple, though? Continue reading

Hoop Trust

Without trust, can a basketball team reach its full potential?  Can talent, size, or style of play overcome a lack of trust?  Maybe, but over the years I’ve seen teams that lack trust, or more commonly, have had trust erode, and then fail to reach their goals and meet expectations.  And on teams where trust is established, I’ve seen them reach unparalleled heights.  But as in the life of a Christian in which trust must be a foundation, outside stressors and expectations often derail the trust required on successful basketball teams. Continue reading

WIN the Battle of Procrastination

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

As Courtney walked past the gym, she poked her head in to see two of her teammates moving around the Gun, catching and shooting shot after shot.  A pang of regret hit her as just that morning Courtney had told them that she was already behind in a class and needed to meet with a study group.  Their plan was to get 500 shots in and even though no one showed for the study group, she had to stop by the Business Office to sign paperwork to complete her registration for the semester.  Once again, Courtney wasn’t going to join them. Continue reading