Miscommunication About Communication

Talking in basketball is essential, but so is listening and as I watch young players develop, too often I see players put all of their effort into meaningless talk. It reminds me of the classic line from Cool Hand Luke:

As we consider our failures to communicate, take a look at your own skills and consider how once again, basketball applies to life and also once again, the Bible provides great wisdom for all of us! We can and should learn to reach everyone! Continue reading

The Search Continues

Hoop #1As practices are underway for college teams across the country, it hit me once again how much I learn from the game of basketball . The ministry of 3 Point Wisdom allows me to share with readers the lessons that I continue to learn from the game, but more importantly how that wisdom applies to my life and my walk with Jesus.  I’m thankful for those of you who have joined me on that search for wisdom – from those who have been with me from the very beginning and for those who have just recently stumbled across the website.  Whether you’re a coach on the college level, a fan following your favorite team, a player striving to improve your game, or simply a kid playing hoops in the backyard, God provides wisdom through this game and my goal is to keep finding pearls of wisdom through my observations, experiences, and searches and then to share them with you and others who love this game. Continue reading

The Big Crossover: Becky Hammon & the San Antonio Spurs

Drew Anthony Smith for The New York Times

Drew Anthony Smith for The New York Times

Guys don’t always want to hear this, but there are plenty of women in basketball that can match them in fundamentals, mechanics, court-sense, conditioning, and work ethic.  Just ask former NBA shooting star, Reggie Miller – not because his basketball exploits have been matched shot for shot by his sister Cheryl, but because former NBA coach Richie Adubato bet money against Miller in his informal shooting competitions with WNBA veteran, Becky Hammon, who this month begins her stint as a full-time assistant coach with the NBA Champion, San Antonio Spurs. Continue reading