Injured or Not, You’re Invited! (2015 CIT)

WenzelbergerI have been honored to coach some incredible young people over the years and as our Concordia Falcon team heads to Ann Arbor, MI for the 64th Annual Concordia Invitational Tournament, my thoughts will be with one of the key players from last year who will be sitting in the stands. Garrett Wenzelberger, the epitome of a Division III student-athlete, is an All-American wide receiver on our football team and a physical post player who our current team is playing without since he suffered an injury at the end of the football season.  You can find GW in the fourth clip of our top plays from last year:

Most importantly, Garrett has grown in wisdom through his athletic journey, as you can read for yourself. . .
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Do Public Displays of Faith Confuse the Issue?

BU Prayer-III’ve been blessed for the last eight years to coach at a Christian university that reflects my faith and my values.  We are unabashedly intentional about the mission of the university, but we also have to recognize that the essence of Christian faith is the spiritual growth that takes place in each of our team members, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey – and that’s true as well for everyone with whom our team has contact such as fans, opponents, and professors.  We are each on our own journey, but some times that creates confusion and as a coach who is also a Christian, I’ve been mulling that one over for the last few weeks . . . Continue reading


Can You Win When You Shoot 25%?

Brad PrinsenThe football world will soon hibernate and basketball, with its amazing finishes and unlikely outcomes, will take its place in the spotlight.  As our Falcon team hits the mid-point of the season, every game matters and we seem to have found our stride.  I can say that because last night we found a way to win a road game against a team ahead of us in the standings, despite making only 25% of our shots.  When a team realizes it can find different ways to win, it generally points to good things ahead.  In many ways basketball and life share a common theme – there are many paths to success and in any situation we are in, we can overcome mistakes and weaknesses with efficiency and productivity in other areas.  But as we’ll discuss today, that doesn’t translate to the spiritual world where despite a call for tolerance and acceptance in our society today, Jesus calls us to a narrow path. Continue reading