Good Players are Available Players

364bucks-magic-basketballAs I watched the Milwaukee Bucks defeat the Orlando Magic in Orlando on Sunday night, a coaching point we had stressed with our own team for a victory on Saturday played itself out for the Bucks as well.  Being available is often overlooked by so many players.  Too many of us tend to force the issue, and when things don’t go our way we often blame others or even hide.  Players do it on the basketball court and many of us do it in our lives, but God has always taught a different way! Continue reading


An Attitude of Gratitude

Having coached at the Division I level, traveling on Thanksgiving Day to play over the weekend was fairly routine and to be honest with you, it always felt like something was missing.  One thing that I’m thankful for at the Division III level is that we can at least give our guys a day to hopefully be with family and to at least take the day as it was intended to be –  a day of remembrance and awareness of the blessings in our life.

So, I’m thankful that God has blessed me through 3 Point Wisdom!  I love connecting my hoop experiences and observations with my spiritual walk.  God continues to provide inspiration through coaching and it helps keep me focused on why I continue to coach.  And as we all take a little time to appreciate our blessings, I’m thankful for the great group of guys I get to work with on the floor, the incredible character of the men I coach with, and for all the players who have touched my life throughout my years of coaching.  In the words of Paul,

I thank my God every time I remember you.  (Philippians 1:3)

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Some Structure Required

I left our practice a few days ago demoralized.  I know that we as coaches need to remain positive, have a clear vision for how our team can be successful, and constantly strive to create an atmosphere in which the team and each of our players can reach their potential – but, I gotta’ tell you, sometimes that’s really tough!  With a team lacking playing experience, we are faced with trying to reign in an unhealthy attitude of players thinking of themselves first. Continue reading