If I am Through Learning, I am Through


As we close the year, I am reminded of two my favorite wise sayings.  I don’t know if he actually said it or not, but a fairly wise guy named Albert Einstein is credited with saying “Once you stop learning, you start dying,” and a fairly wise basketball coach named John Wooden taught “If I am through learning, I am through.”

Why do we have the tendency to think we know all we need to know?  Rather than make adjustments or try new approaches, far too many coaches will go down sinking unwilling to learn something new and far too many players will a void the hard work of adjusting their game.  When I suggested the other day to one of our players to look opposite first when a pass out of trap comes to him, he shook his head in disbelief.  “Why should I do that?” he said.  “I like going back into the defense.”  I guess I have some work to do over the next two months! Continue reading


3 Point Wisdom of Christmases Past

It’s been almost five years now since I started writing 3 Point Wisdom and over the years we have had a lot of good feedback about our Christmas articles.  As we celebrate the birth of our Savior and as we take part in Christmas traditions, I hope that you will take the time to truly consider how the story of a baby, born all those years ago in Bethlehem, brings light into a world of darkness and I encourage you to keep searching through all the activities in your life, including the great game of basketball, to hear the voice of Jesus saying “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.”  (John 12:46)

Look back with me at these article of Christmas past, including one of my personal favorites, “Wise Hoopers Seek Wins.” Continue reading


Can You Mandate Unselfishness?

I’ve written before that during the college basketball season I merely keep an eye on events in professional basketball.  I watch an occasional quarter or two of my hometown Bucks and I’ll look in on teams with coaches I respect like Popovich, Stevens, Rivers,and Kerr, but most of my attention stays focused on college basketball and the high school games of my son and of our recruits.  But occasionally something from the pro game will strike me and jog my brain or stir my heart.  In these days of ESPN saturation, you may have heard about it and it probably flew right by, but I wanted to revisit what happened last week when Klay Thompson went off and scored a record 60 points in 29 minutes against the Indiana Pacers.  Thompson certainly owned the spotlight, but Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr is the one who left an impression – an impression that can be helpful for all of us! Continue reading