Never Take the Post Season for Granted

While major college basketball is wrapping up the regular season, many in high school and many at the DIII level have already ended their seasons.  With reduced finances in DIII, many of the 425 teams have already completed their seasons and only a select few will continue on, not just nationally, but merely in conference post season play.  In our eleven team league, only the top six move on to the conference tournament with typically only the tournament winner moving on to the NCAA tournament.  Qualifying for the post season, even within the conference, is extremely difficult. Continue reading


Late Season Rest – It’s Not Just Your Coach’s Responsibility

(Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

As usual, the basketball season has flown by and at many levels, teams are already preparing for the post-season, and sadly for some, the off-season.  In our conference of eleven teams, we have already locked up the #3 seed, but still have two games to play. We’ve had a brutal stretch over the last few weeks and like most teams are battling injuries, fatigue, illness, and inconsistent play.  Our players are back in the full swing of classes – which causes some to miss practice time and limits the amount of quality practice time we have.  As a coaching staff we know we have to find way to give them some rest, but that’s not completely up to us, is it?  Sometimes, we all have to DO something to find rest. Continue reading


Settle Down With A Horns Set

It’s become one of the most common sets used in all levels of basketball. It’s simple and easy to understand, but puts pressure on the defense from a spacing standpoint and can be the starting point for a variety of actions from the simple to the complex.  It’s called the “Horns” set and chances are if you sit down to watch a few games this week, you’ll see some form of the Horns set being used.  For our team, it’s become as comforting as grandma’s meatloaf as we use it to settle down in the midst of chaos.  It’s a simple, comforting way to get our team back on track and it never fails to remind me how much our team needs that, but also how much I need a settling horns set in my own life! Continue reading