2017 NCAA Tournament: Are You Jumping on the Bandwagon?

Many of us saw our favorite teams in the NCAA Tournament, or the teams we picked, fall by the wayside as Gonzaga, South Carolina, Oregon, and North Carolina bulled their way to Phoenix.  It’s been an exciting tournament with plenty of good basketball that brought us to four teams, but as the field has narrowed, many of us become bandwagon jumpers.  That’s right, I’ll admit it. There are some teams you just fall in love with as you see them play in the tournament and the next thing you know, you’re ordering a t-shirt off the Fan’s Edge website.  I do it all the time when my favorites lose, but I still stay grounded with my original teams and fully admit that I’m jumping on the band wagon. Continue reading


2017 NCAA Tournament: The Other Side of March

While many are finding this year’s version of March Madness to be a tad dull (see Where’s the Drama? from SI.com’s Pete Thamel), the NCAA tournament still holds its place as the most entertaining three-week drama in sports. We may not always have the Cinderella upsets (and as Thamel explains, the traditional concept of Cinderella may be a thing of the past) or the buzzer beaters, but we certainly have intriguing match-ups, inspiring coaches, and heart-warming player stories.  And while the drama unfolds, we also have the underappreciated regular occurrence of the coaching carousel.  Many fans will keep track of it, especially if their teams have finished playing, but few will truly consider the ramifications for many hard-working family providers.

BASKETBALL – The Carousel

Tom Crean is understandably receiving the most attention after being let go at Indiana this week. While completely expected, Crean’s dismissal has been the focus of those watching the carousel. Continue reading


2017 NCAA Tournament: Don’t Stop the Madness!

The Madness is upon us. With the college tournament brackets under way and high school tournaments playing out all over the country, what basketball fan would ever want this to end?  And with the fantastic finishes and the endless debates about seeding and snubs, why should it ever change?  We love the drama.  We love the highs and the lows.  It arguably makes college basketball in March the best three weeks of any athletic competition. Continue reading