Pour Yourself Into A Teammate



Last week I wrote about the RUC attitudes we are instilling in our basketball team, with the U being unselfishness.  It’s not an easy attitude to develop, but recently I came upon a terrific story about former NBA all-star Chauncey Billups that demonstrates the power of unselfishness between teammates, while at the same time I uncovered a similar example from some reading I had been doing about the Church Reformation of the Middle Ages.  This week the Protestant Church celebrates the 500th anniversary of the movement that has directly impacted our Christian faith.  I spent time digging deeper into some of the ideas and history that have greatly impacted my own personal journey.  Martin Luther has a similar story to Chauncey Billups about the unselfishness of teammates, so let’s take a closer look at how their examples can help each of us. Continue reading


An Offensive Attitude

I love this time of year!  Practice begins with excitement and vigor as players step into new roles and new players step into a new program.  Every year is unique and different, but one thing I’ve learned through coaching for 35 years is how much more important the “How’s and Why’s” are compared to the “What’s.”  We have returning players fretting over our calls and sets, racking their brains to remember our playbook from last year, and we have newcomers scrambling to keep up with instructions and demonstrations. During our first week of practice, however, we’ve put that all on hold so that we could teach the attitudes we want our players to have when we have the ball.  They’re also a perfect reminder of how I want to approach my life as a Christian. Continue reading


Leave Nothing

With a week left before our college team starts practices, we are feverishly making practice plans and adjusting our approach.  As I get in practice mode, there a few things that give me pause to consider.  Last week we talked about learning from failure, but the focus this week is on the concept of quitting. Continue reading