The Best of 3 Point Wisdom in 2017

It’s the last issue of 3 Point Wisdom for 2017, and each year we take time to replay our five most read articles of the previous twelve months.
So take a look, and make sure you’re up-to-date with the most read articles of 2017. Just click on the blue hyperlink article title:

When Your Game Smells 

What can a basketball team or a player do when you hit a rough patch and things just don’t feel right? 3PW considers steps to take, including to find the good.


2017 NCAA Tournament: Inconsistent Officiating

After an ugly 2017 Men’s Championship game, 3PW considers the clamor about officiating and the need for rule enforcement in the game, as well as in life and faith.


Poise in the Face of Adversity

As Oklahoma was overwhelmed by the crowd at Kansas and Vandy cracked under the pressure of Rupp Arena, 3PW considers poise in basketball, life, and Christianity.


My Bad! Reducing Turnovers in Basketball

We don’t want turnovers and I know our players don’t want to produce turnovers, but can we ever get rid of them?  Can we reduce them?  And is the same true about the mistakes we make in life, or, even deeper, the sin we commit in a fallen world?


And as a special thank you, here is the new most read article in 3 Point Wisdom history, having just recently surpassed the former most popular article, What Makes the Spurs Different? from 2014:

Spreading Out the Pack-Line Defense

3PW considers offensive concepts for attacking Pack-Line defense, including the importance of spreading the defense out. Spreading out is a Biblical concept, too!


Once again, thank you for joining us on this journey to gain wisdom in basketball and more importantly, to learn God’s wisdom for life and faith through the game of basketball.  Remember, God gives us our passions for a reason and I pray that He will speak to you as He does to me through the game I love!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Revisting Blind Spots

As our team struggles through a rough start to our season, we are having difficulty establishing some of our core principles with a new group. For some reason, it has been difficult to help our players be more aware of what is happening to them on the court. It drew me back to a topic we discussed in the past and thought it was worth taking a second look! Continue reading


When Your Game Smells

Have you or your team gone through a stretch where something is just off?  Maybe it’s the early season and players have not gelled or possibly your team is dealing with injuries or adjusting to a new style or players in new roles, but getting your game to where you want it to be can be a struggle.  As a player, have you hit a stretch where shots aren’t falling or you’re turning the ball over?  Sometimes, it just smells – like something’s rotten.  Ever been there?  How about in your life or in your relationship to God?  Do you ever feel that something is just off?  And more importantly, when it is, what do you do about it? Continue reading