When Your Game Smells

Have you or your team gone through a stretch where something is just off?  Maybe it’s the early season and players have not gelled or possibly your team is dealing with injuries or adjusting to a new style or players in new roles, but getting your game to where you want it to be can be a struggle.  As a player, have you hit a stretch where shots aren’t falling or you’re turning the ball over?  Sometimes, it just smells – like something’s rotten.  Ever been there?  How about in your life or in your relationship to God?  Do you ever feel that something is just off?  And more importantly, when it is, what do you do about it? Continue reading


A Basketball ThanksGIVING

As much as I love football on Thanksgiving, if the Packers aren’t playing, the true sport to follow is basketball.  Not only are we immersed in the start of our season, but the NBA is in full gear with a bevy of great match-ups while college basketball presents a feast of early season tournaments and contests between ranked teams.  This week sets us up for a terrific season to come at all levels.

But, the holiday season of thanks involves much more than good sporting opportunities, especially for those who believe in an almighty Creator who not only designed and created our lives and the world, but dearly loves to interact with His creation.  Whether we recognize it in this fallen, broken world or not, God is on His throne and through his grace, provides a plan and purpose for each of us – that includes our nation.  Throughout our nation’s history, we have taken time to consider our thankfulness to God and as we do so, we recognize the freedom and position we are blessed with and, in turn, show our thankfulness by generously giving and providing for those around us, as individuals and collectively as a nation.  I pray for you to be blessed this weekend, but more importantly pray for each of us to act upon the thanks we feel and turn this season into one of true giving. Continue reading


Offensive Flow With the Golden State Warriors

Photo: Ben Margot, Associated Press

Let me begin by saying that our Division III college men’s basketball team is not the Golden State Warriors, nor do we expect them to be.  However, with the Warriors at the top of the basketball world, many of us in the coaching profession have attempted to emulate or at least find applications from the Warrior offense – and our staff is no different.  We don’t have Curry, Durant, Thompson, and Green, but we do have some terrifically gifted young players.  The Warriors’ style of play, which has often been called Flow, fits our team well and over the past few years we have adapted many of their actions into how we play.  Not only does it work for us, but it aligns very well with the attitude we want for our team.  We want to spread the ball around, play unselfishly, and allow each of our players to find a role in our offense – much like we strive for in our lives off the court and in our faith.  The challenge, though, is to make it flow. Continue reading