Your Focus Needs More Focus

One of my greatest joys in life is being a parent and I am watching with anticipation to see how God is working in the lives of my kids.  Our oldest son, Caleb, is carving out his path as a high school teacher and coach and volunteered to once again provide some insights from his early coaching experiences . . .

In one of Coach Cain’s recent posts: Waiting in Basketball, my dad detailed the importance of patience in a sport that often seems geared towards tempo, speed, and instant gratification.  After reading it, I was reminded of a few personal experiences that also pertain to speed of the game and the pressure that can result from it. Continue reading


Leave Nothing

With a week left before our college team starts practices, we are feverishly making practice plans and adjusting our approach.  As I get in practice mode, there a few things that give me pause to consider.  Last week we talked about learning from failure, but the focus this week is on the concept of quitting. Continue reading


There’s No Such Thing as an Off-Season!

As I sat in church one Sunday this past summer, I realized attendance was down on a beautiful summer day and my thoughts were tracking with some observations I’ve had about the basketball world.  We are technically in the off-season, but these days there really is no such thing.  As the NBA Finals wound down, we were bombarded with news of the draft and free agent signings, and tuned in to watch triple-headers of NBA summer league games – yes, summer league games.  And now we’ve analyzing the blockbuster trade between the Cav’s and the Celtics.  But it’s not just NBA basketball, as our normal family decision to attend church together was impacted by summer tournaments for both our high school son and our older, now coaching son.  Both of them realize this is a chance to improve and I’m all in favor of it, to a certain degree, so we made some accommodations, but I don’t want it to be a habit for me or for my family.  And yet, church attendance is frequently down during the summer months for a variety of reasons, as if churchgoers are in an off-season, but should they be? Continue reading