PUSH Until Something Happens

Just like a long, smooth drive off the tee gives a golfer hope and keeps bringing him back to the course, a come-from-behind, buzzer-beating win will bring any coach or player back to the court.  As we discussed last week, there’s always a chance until the buzzer sounds, but a team coming from behind has to persevere and push to the end.  Our Concordia team did just that in our last game with a bid to our conference tournament on the line:

Despite being down by seven with six minutes to go, we fought back to take the lead, gave it up with :25 on the clock, and then won it on a last second inbound play when a freshman, Jordan Johnson, hit the winning shot.  It’s the thrill that keeps on giving and hopefully, provides a spark that will sustain us in postseason play next week, but life in this world is more about the struggle or the push than it is about the thrills.  Let’s examine that need to push and what it means.


Our team’s comeback was topped by the amazing perseverance of Bucknell in their game with Colgate on Monday.  Did you catch this?

Down by eight with 25 seconds remaining, the Bison pushed their way to the final second and came out with the victory.  There are not too many more gratifying things that can happen on the court than to pull that off, and Bucknell reminded all of us what can happen when a team pushes to the end and perseveres.  No matter what your team’s situation may be as the season draws to a close or as the clock winds down in a game, keep pushing and never give up.

LIFE – Never Give Up!

As I observe basketball, God speaks to me.  You may doubt that or think I’m overstating it, but I believe He has always talked to me through the challenges I have faced in life, as well as in those things most dear to me.  This past Wednesday, three of my passions collided in Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, and Game Day – my faith, my wife, and my career.  And in each of those, God has been reminding me to continue to push until the end.  It would have been easy to neglect Ash Wednesday, but focusing on the sacrifice Jesus made for me on the cross as we continue through Lent continues to strengthen my faith.  Lately God has reminded me to never give up on that.  And as I considered that sacrifice, God turned my attention to my wife.  It would have been easy, in the craziness of our schedules, to overlook the person I share all of life with, Kara.  We have persevered together through many challenges already and expect that we will see many more, but God has been reminding me that she is a special gift directly from Him.  I have to push for our marriage.  It either continues to grow or it becomes stagnant.  I’m pushing for it to grow.  Finally, Wednesday was a game day with all of the focus it requires.  At this point in a long, up and down season, it would have been easy to allow a “whatever happens, happens” mentality to creep in, but that’s no way to go through a season, or for that matter, a career.  You can always grow in your profession.  You can always push a little harder.

FAITH – Prayer

You may have come across the acronym P.U.S.H. that has become popular with the bracelet and jewelry wearing crowd.  The sentiment is powerful – Pray Until Something Happens.  As I watch teams persevere to the end in a comeback win, I am reminded how vital persistence in prayer is in my life.  Too often, many of us treat prayer as a wish list or a hope for some outcome that we desperately need or want.  Or as I deal with young people unfamiliar with Christ or lacking commitment in their faith, it can become an unfocused and insincere routine that means very little.   We tend to twist the whole concept and then grow frustrated or disinterested when things don’t work out like we want.  Many of us even blame God or lose interest in God by claiming that prayer doesn’t work or that God doesn’t care about our wants and desires or even that God doesn’t exist – but, is that how prayer works?

Players and coaches understand the need for persistence when it comes to competition, but the Bible tells us that the same is true with prayer and in our relationship with God.  Prayer is an ongoing relationship.  It’s an ongoing conversation (This message is so important that God has used it with me before as outlined in No Ball Stopping . . . ) Have we talked with God regularly and honestly? Have we persisted in prayer even during times when God seems far off?  Paul wrote:
“With every prayer and request, pray at all times in the Spirit, and stay alert in this, with all perseverance and intercession for all the saints.” – Ephesians 6:18
And God’s word in Colossians 4:2Luke 18:1, and Philippians 4:6  reminds us that we should never give up when it comes to making our requests known to a God who loves us and gave His Son for us.  As you experience or watch the thrilling comebacks we see on the court over the next month, I pray that you will continue to PUSH in prayer as you grow closer to a God who needs nothing from you, but wants nothing more than for each of us to talk with him and continue our relationship with Him.




The Best Little Tournament You’ve Never Heard Of

This weekend our school, Concordia University Wisconsin, will host the 68th Concordia Invitational at our campus.  Each year, men’s and women’s teams from four sister schools in the Midwest gather for one of the most intensely competitive weekends a small college basketball player can experience.  With strong rivalries and shared alumni bases, the tournament has a history of last-minute finishes, upsets, and wonderful opportunities for fellowship centered around basketball.  3 Point Wisdom has shared many lessons from the tournament, beginning with this guest article from our 2014 CUW Captain, Noah Kegley (In addition, following Noah’s explanation of what Concordia means, I’ve linked a few more past articles from the tournament that will provide a glimpse of the Best Little Tournament You’ve Never Heard Of):

Kegley_Noah(1)_120313As a pre-seminary studies major, I am all too familiar with studying, whether it’s theology or parsing obscure verb forms, it’s what I do. With high hopes of attending one of our synod’s fine seminaries in the fall, one night over Christmas break I forcefully locked my uneager self in my dorm room and began to do what I do best – study. I was paging through a thick, heavy, and loaded doctrine text in order to pass a qualifying test for my admittance to seminary. I took hours attempting to slay the beast, and my energy plummeted by the minute. My interest wavered the further along I read. What seemed like centuries later, the end was near, the amount of pages I needed to read before I finished was so close I tucked myself underneath my covers. Then it hit me. It was one of those light bulb moments in the cartoons. I scanned across a term in my textbook that resonated with me. The term was concord, in Latin it’s concordia. According to my textbook, the word means “from the heart,” and “refers to the desire to bring about full union and understanding in the Christian church through a common confession of doctrine and not simply an external unity.” I realized that concord has everything to do with basketball.

BASKETBALL – From the heart!

As a member of the Concordia University Wisconsin’s men’s basketball team, half of my wardrobe says Concordia. However, merely wearing the name Concordia does not cut it. Basketball is more than a jersey, or an external unity. Unity is found in the heart. Just as it is with the Christian church on earth to strive for one confession of faith, that is, Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, our team strives for one confession, one heart, and one goal, a championship.  This is easier said than done. It’s at this point in the season where it’s easy to shred a team’s concordia. Hearts grow dull in practice, ears ignore a coach’s constructive words, and our eyes roll when we are told we mess up again. Players begin to get tired of the same drills, coaches getting on their case, various forms of injuries, inter-squad issues, the list continues. If a team is merely a group of guys wearing a jersey with the same name and colors on it, forget it! It no longer has concordia.  But, the teams that maintain their oneness, in other words, their concordia, are the teams playing deep into March. Coaches can scout a team to the finest of details, simulate as many game-like situations in practice, and give as many pre-game pep talks as they like, but it’s ultimately up to the players on the floor to execute the game plan. Concordia on the basketball court must come “from the heart” of each player on the team.

LIFE – Family Unity

Kegley KidsWhen I was growing up at home life was similar to a zoo with all of the different activities we had. My parents were constantly driving us around to different places and my two younger sisters practically grew up at my soccer tournaments. Our family also saw health issues with my father, and in the midst of all of the craziness, our parents are the glue that held our family’s concordia together. No matter what the situation was, and still is today, we are still Team Kegley through it all. All of our hearts are together. We have each other’s back.

FAITH – Unity of Believers

When Adam and Eve sinned, humanity became separated from God. It’s part of our sinful nature to separate ourselves from God. We try to tuck away those sins which we think are not so bad, or puff ourselves up to make ourselves feel better than what we are. We do not understand what it means to be concordia.  In Matthew 13 Jesus speaks to crowds using parables. The disciples asked why Christ speaks using these parables. Jesus says, “This is why I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand” (Matt 13:13). We are like the crowds and do not understand what it means to be concordia  with one another because of our sinful nature. Thankfully, through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, we now have Concordia with God and eagerly await eternal life with Him in heaven. We are clothed in the righteousness of Christ and we can live with our hearts together in serving Him.

“ So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from live, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind.” (Philippians 2:1-2)

Noah is currently a fourth year seminary student who is anxiously awaiting placement in a congregation in the coming year and truly embodies not only the Concordia spirit, but also a sense of 3 Point Wisdom as he has gained valuable wisdom through his lifelong participation in basketball!

CITThe Concordia Invitational Tournament brings together four institutions from the Concordia University system.  All four teams will wear Concordia on their uniforms, but year after year, the champion is the team that best plays from the heart and plays with unity!  Here’s a look at some other CIT-related articles:

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Waiting in Basketball: Why Is It So Hard?

In an age of basketball dominated by quick scoring, “7 Seconds or Less Offense” and shot clocks, patience is a forgotten concept.  The game is played at a fast pace, so most of us coaches practice fast and train our players to push the pace.  And part of that is a reflection of not only our fast-paced society, but also a generation of players that has grown up experiencing their entire life in an instant gratification world.  Patience is often foreign, to all of us, but as our celebration of Christmas closes, is a vital element in our Christian faith. Continue reading