2017 NBA Playoffs: Commence the Defense


As my wife and I travel to pack up our daughter after her first year of college, we’ll be staying in the heart of a major college town over Graduation Weekend.  It’s hectic and crazy, but can also feel a sense of accomplishment and hope in the air.  As I think about our senior players who will soon be graduating and as I watch the NBA Playoffs unfold, two themes have been on my mind – college players moving on and NBA players finally playing some defense! Continue reading


2017 NBA Playoffs: It Just So Happened

It’s all about the stories, isn’t it?  The stories of the NBA Playoffs are not just about the X’s & O’s.  And while I keep a close coaching eye on the game plans, strategies, and adjustments, I am just as drawn to the personal stories of the players and coaches on display in the playoffs. It’s all about their stories and when you consider how some of these guys made it to where they are, their stories are often inspirational and fascinating – but then again, when you look closely, each of us has our own intriguing and often inspirational story.  We just have to uncover them.

BASKETBALL – Making His Mark

It just so happened that a little boy was born into a family in Sudan, a nation ravaged by civil wars. Continue reading


Losing the Low Post Tradition

Jeff Hanisch/USA Today Sports, via Reuters

As we shift focus to the NBA playoffs, I’ve been catching up with my hometown Milwaukee Bucks and have witnessed a transformation that most of us in the basketball world have noticed happening for quite some time – the vanishing low post (We took a closer look in 2013 with Christmas & Post-Ups). Gone are the days of Milwaukee’s Lew Alcindor hitting sky hooks and drop-stepping from the block, but we have welcomed in two other seven-footers in Giannis Antetokounmpo and Greg Monroe wheeling and dealing from the elbow.  They’re still posting up with their back to the basket, but they provide evidence of how the game of my youth has changed and it reminds me of the struggles going on within the church of today. Continue reading