Offensive Flow With the Golden State Warriors

Photo: Ben Margot, Associated Press

Let me begin by saying that our Division III college men’s basketball team is not the Golden State Warriors, nor do we expect them to be.  However, with the Warriors at the top of the basketball world, many of us in the coaching profession have attempted to emulate or at least find applications from the Warrior offense – and our staff is no different.  We don’t have Curry, Durant, Thompson, and Green, but we do have some terrifically gifted young players.  The Warriors’ style of play, which has often been called Flow, fits our team well and over the past few years we have adapted many of their actions into how we play.  Not only does it work for us, but it aligns very well with the attitude we want for our team.  We want to spread the ball around, play unselfishly, and allow each of our players to find a role in our offense – much like we strive for in our lives off the court and in our faith.  The challenge, though, is to make it flow. Continue reading


My Bad! Reducing Turnovers in Basketball

If you play, coach, or just watch basketball you know that turnovers are not good things.  In the first few weeks of practice, even without our coaches telling them or bringing it to their attention, our players know that turnovers are bad. They respond with “My bad” when they realize a mistake, but nevertheless, turnovers give the ball to the opponent without our team having a chance to score.  They come in all varieties – bad passes, bad catches, dribbling violations, offensive fouls, clock management, and poor decisions; just to list a few.   We don’t want turnovers and I know our players don’t want to produce turnovers, but can we ever get rid of them?  Can we reduce them?  And is the same true about the mistakes we make in life, or, even deeper, the sin we commit in a fallen world?  I know I don’t have all the answers and quite honestly at this point in the season, I’m hoping to just help our players become more aware of the turnovers and more importantly, to begin adjusting their habits to limit and reduce our amount of turnovers. Continue reading


Pour Yourself Into A Teammate



Last week I wrote about the RUC attitudes we are instilling in our basketball team, with the U being unselfishness.  It’s not an easy attitude to develop, but recently I came upon a terrific story about former NBA all-star Chauncey Billups that demonstrates the power of unselfishness between teammates, while at the same time I uncovered a similar example from some reading I had been doing about the Church Reformation of the Middle Ages.  This week the Protestant Church celebrates the 500th anniversary of the movement that has directly impacted our Christian faith.  I spent time digging deeper into some of the ideas and history that have greatly impacted my own personal journey.  Martin Luther has a similar story to Chauncey Billups about the unselfishness of teammates, so let’s take a closer look at how their examples can help each of us. Continue reading