Cavs & Warriors: Beyond the Talent

  • While the NBA attempts to maximize revenue by waiting over a week for the Finals to begin, we have heard quite a bit about the “talent” that will be on display.  Is LeBron better than Jordan?  Are the Warriors better because of Durant?  All we hear about is the talent. Make no mistake, there will once again be plenty of talent on display in the rematch we are about to witness, but talent is only part of the equation when it comes to winning a championship.  Let’s consider three elements beyond the talent that often determine champions and consider how those same elements are the keys for each of us to maximize our own God-given talents and more importantly,  our God-given faith. Continue reading

Losing in the Age of Entitlement


Last week I heard a sports radio commentator suggest that it would be a shame if the Golden State Warriors didn’t win the NBA Finals because they were the most deserving team.  They led the league wire to wire and they boast a cast of over-achieving and seemingly less physically gifted players, so certainly they deserve it, right?  And now that the Cavs battled to even the series at 1-1, despite losing Kyrie Irving for the remainder of the series, some would suggest that with LeBron James playing in the prime of his career, Cleveland deserves to win.  But if you’ve been around the game a while, I’m sure you join me in recognizing that not every team who wins, deserves to win and not every player who deserves success will automatically realize that success. Continue reading