It’s Time to Reset the Offense

BrodieIt’s one of those games.  Shots won’t fall and every possession is a struggle to get a good shot.  The players are attacking the rim, setting hard screens, and running the floor every chance they get, but still the shots don’t fall.  Late in the game, the score is tied, but fortunes have not changed.  A shot rims out, but a post player fights for possession only to have his put-back rejected out to the perimeter.  The ball is picked up by a terrific scorer who gets his defender up in the air with a quick ball fake, takes one hard dribble, and launches the third shot of the possession.  It clanks off the back of the rim and is tracked down by another teammate.  At this point, the entire staff, most of the bench, and even one of the cheerleaders on the baseline is yelling “Pull it out!  Reset!”  Even though the game plan is to be aggressive and always attack, calmer heads prevail.  The point guard calls a set, the team executes to get an open shot, and the team takes a lead it won’t relinquish.  Game over.  Ever feel like that in life?  Don’t we all need to reset every once in a while?

BASKETBALL – Now’s the time to reset.

My son needs a reset.  He’ll be entering 8th grade in six weeks and basketball is important to him.  He plays on a summer team, attends some local camps, and is trying to keep up with his growth spurt – and he had grand plans (or at least his dad did!) to develop a plan for improving on his own.  That hasn’t worked out the way we planned, and he needs to get going again.  He needs to reset.

Our college team needs a reset.  Division III brings a unique set of challenges since players don’t receive scholarships.  Summer jobs often infringe upon skill improvement!  But then again, so do the demands of a social life and other choices. Work (and social) schedules often make participation in summer leagues an inconsistent endeavor, or maybe it’s just a matter of priorities.  It’s time for a reset.

Right now, NBA teams need a reset.  My head is spinning from all of the free agent movement! Talk about resets!  Can anyone stick with a team anymore?

The Celtics had a major reset – trade Doc Rivers, the coach, and completely reset with Brad Stevens.  I actually like that one – for both guys!  And now, the Butler Bulldogs have to reset the Butler Way.  Yep, it’s time to reset.  Good luck to everyone out there screaming from the bench “reset!”

LIFE – Our country needs a reset.

Declaration of IndependenceAs we celebrated the 4th of July this year, I found myself exploring this idea of a reset. Doesn’t it seem like our country needs a reset?  Like a team forcing up hurried shot after hurried shot, it seems like our country needs to settle down a bit and remember what our country is all about.  Arguments about healthcare, abortion laws, and marriage policies seem to be driving us further and further from what our country is supposed to be.  So, do we all just ignore it and go on with life, or do we need to be more active in helping our leaders see the need to reset a few things? Like my son’s plan for improving his game, our country’s best intentions have been slipping away. Check out the Gospel Coalition’s Review of Independence Day and some of their related articles to get a little different perspective!

FAITH – God knew we would need to reset.

One of the most underappreciated elements of this world is God’s creation of night and day.  Digest for a minute how incredible the 24 hour cycle of the earth revolving around the moon is. The incredible design of Creation becomes so apparent. Take it a step further and chew on how important the concept of a new morning is for each of us and you begin to realize that once again, God’s plans are so above our way of thinking.  He gives us a reset EVERY morning!  It’s truly amazing!  And it’s not just physical and emotional resets we need.  He has planned for our need for spiritual resets as well.  Lamentations 3:22-23 reminds us that “His mercies are new every morning” and no matter what we’ve done, He provides us the opportunity to reset.

I’ve expressed that I was struggling to keep up with my writing, even though I feel that the supply of ideas for relating basketball, life, and faith is endless.  I just need to reset, especially when it comes to integrating faith.  The result is that I took some time to develop a Scripture Index for the topics I’m sharing.  Just click on the heading under Game Plan and the index will allow you to check for scripture references you come across in your own faith walk.  When you do, click on it, and hopefully, I’ve done a good job of showing some correlation to life in the basketball world!  There you go. That’s my reset.