Snaking the Ball Screen

Damian Lillard

Did you learn anything as the NBA Playoffs advanced to the Conference Finals?  Other than the fact that the seven-game format once again makes it very difficult for the lower seeds to advance, there probably wasn’t much there, but this old dog did pick up a trick or two.  I was reminded again how important it is to keep adjusting, to keep learning, and to keep improving.  The basic pick and roll is changing before our eyes.  I find myself once again learning to adjust as I watch the best players in the world and see the back and forth adjustments made by coaches to both utilize and stymie ball screens.  In many cases, it’s the game within the game right now and as I watched each series I learned a new technique called “snaking” a ball screen.  No more is it simply pick and roll or pop or accelerate.  Now we’re going to add snaking! Continue reading