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2004 MU BenchThe Game Plan

Here’s the plan.  This is the purpose and the reason behind this website – Wisdom.  As a young boy, I loved stories about two kinds of people -heroes from the world of sports and heroes from the Bible.  In one of my favorites, when Solomon replaced his father as the King of Israel, God asked him what one thing he wanted that God could provide.  Solomon didn’t ask for a long life, wealth, a big army or an undefeated season.  He didn’t ask for better officials and video reviews, more talented players, or for injuries to beset his rivals.  He asked for Wisdom.  That left an impression on me and I’ve been asking the Lord for the gift of Wisdom my entire life – not knowledge, not more wins, not a better job or better players.  I just want to be able to get through the ups and downs of this life with Wisdom.  In basketball we often talk about players who have court-sense, they may not be the most talented or the best conditioned, but they know how to play.  That’s what I want God to say about me when my life is over – “He knew how to play, and he knew it by reading my playbook!”

I recently listened to a sermon series podcast about the Book of Proverbs, the book that the wise-guy, Solomon, is credited with writing.  It’s the true manual for life, for every situation in life.  As I ran around our neighborhood (OK, as I walked . . .) and listened to all of the ways Proverbs speaks the truth about handling the ups and downs of life, I realized time and time again that those principles are played out in the game of basketball.  I didn’t always pay attention when I was a younger, wins-driven coach trying to make my mark (there’s a Proverb about that!), but it couldn’t be more clear to me now.  Basketball mirrors life.  Basketball mirrors faith.  The three  most important aspects of my life – Faith in God, Life with my wife, family, and friends, and Coaching Basketball are all woven together.  This page is an attempt to point out the lessons learned in all three and how they relate to each other.

3 Point Wisdom provides powerful examples of the relationship between basketball, life, and faith. It’s designed to inform, inspire, and challenge those who coach, those who play, those who watch, and those who love the game of basketball, but as we delve into coaching the game, we’ll also explore the many ways that basketball relates to life and faith.  I hope you’ll join me on the journey – that could also be a title, but the Big Ten took that already, so we’ll settle on 3 Point Wisdom – Basketball, Life, and Faith.


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